Londoner, Musician, Developer.

Divide To Infinity on BBC One - Inside Out London 2004 'Asian Speed Dating' Episode Producer: Ray Huff

As featured on the BBC One programme – Inside Out.

Divide To Infinity on BBC One - Inside Out London 2004 'Asian Speed Dating' Episode Producer: Ray Huff


Divide To Infinity + Daksyba – Art of the Moment @ OV London Festival
Divide To Infinity Collaborates with Daksyba Collective in Art of The Moment Wide Shot @ OV London Festival
Divide To Infinity Collaboration with Daksyba Arts Collective – Using ‘Mind Biorhythm Dataspace’ EEG based brain installation with Native Instruments Maschine, Roland SH101 for Synth FX, Basses and Improvised leads


Mind Biorhythm Dataspace (A Brain Music Based Installation using EEG sensors connected to the human brain)
Floppy Drive Synthesizer (A floppy disk head creates a tone when hooked up to a keyboard)
Kinect Based interactivity experiments with Body, Head and Hand Tracking
Various Arduino Projects designed to take control of Venue Lighting systems and lasers
A Prototype FTIR based touchscreen which is capable of multitouch sensing

Divide To Infinity Profile on Axis Artist ARTIST STATEMENT

Throughout History, humanity has used whatever means to hand to externalise and express their inner states of self onto visual or sonic referential media beginning with carvings, sculpture and paintings. These are the recording mediums used to express ideas and affective concepts throughout the ages. I enjoy painting the landscapes of the self and inner perception with Mixed media technologies and I use my own devised technical means to extract information from the data space of Interactivity and Biosensors that are attached to the Human Body. Through a process of code transmutation of live data signals and digital signal processing, I implement the use of novel digital and analogue electronics to interpret sound, vibration, actuation and colour through my take on computational studio arts. The incorporation of lasers, smoke and component lighting can be used interactively to enhance the experience due to the density and vibrancy of colour in multi-sensory forms. It is through these means I like to share the insides of my own perceptual experience and inner journey with participants. Musical performance is utilised in conjunction with Neuroaesthetics, Sonic Art and Interactivity.