Life Codex::An inspirational young woman’s perspective on Hypergamy

Wow! This is the best explanation or Hypergamy ever! You are very articulate and I appreciate your honesty and especially the way you have explained the emasculation of men. I do not perceive you as being selfish or self-centred in any way especially now you have been honest with your intentions and plans for life (This is inspirational and world first and I have never witnessed this anywhere else in life in communicating with women!). The fact is now it is not possible for men to ‘fight it out’ socially anymore due to CCTV in public and everyone has a camera (and police intervene with nearly all social interactions now). I think the part you may be misunderstanding about the perception of social value is that ‘players’ are good at manipulating women’s perceptions at a psychological level by using a technique called ‘negging’ and also manipulating how you see their value (they are not alpha type they are simply ‘moutha’ and also very sneaky). So the fight for your attention and making you feel safe is essentially being rehearsed and staged by a small groups of moutha’s who are good at being B.A.I.T.E.R.S and Narcissistic and we can no longer protect you from them (we have an instinctual ability to sense these kinds of men and get rid of them – usually without women noticing too much – however thanks to CCTV we cannot) as these character types are pretty much owning all of the places you are likely to meet them along with the staging of the social situations you are likely to encounter (thus encouraging the process of artificial social engineering and ultimately unnatural selection). It is fantastic the way you are speaking your mind as it is making me come up with this material as a reply so keep the videos coming and I will do my best to respond. Many thanks and God Bless you.

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