Creative Computing Presentation 2008 – Interactive Media in Performance

Here is a short talk I gave in the summer of 2008 at Goldsmiths promoting Creative Computing to ICT Lewisham College students. I am showing some of my viral web based prototypes for virtual music festival attendance (as it is the year 2008 Facebook had just hit Universities across the UK) and discussing recycling the purpose of what would otherwise be discarded technology for creative purposes and further Hacking the Playstation 2 Gametrak for the interactive Visual MIDI step sequencer Sequia software project I made in 2009. I also briefly discuss the possibility of live video streaming over the internet and the studiobus which has now transpired alongside one of the first independant internet streamed music festivals (Which I engineer) here – I am now working with interactive graphics and sound with EEG Biosensors attached to the human brain in collaboration with Daksyba Arts Collective here… and new projects here

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